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WordPress & Magento Website Security Checks – why are they important?

Providing our clients with fantastic websites is just one part of the value we add into a business – just like your body, a website needs regular health-checks, maintenance and a cuddle here and there!   That’s why we offer all of our clients a website security check every month.

We have a client that came to us with over 20 websites – WordPress, Magento, CMS Made Simple and there may even be WooCommerce in the mix somewhere too.  We build one of the sites a few years ago but the other sites were done by a range of agencies and freelancers over the years.

Website Security Check

Regular website security checks for WordPress and Magento are really important

There was a real problem with one site in particular with Malware – the CMS hadn’t been kept up to date and quite a few security issues had become apparent – this was a real problem as Google had also started to warn customers that they ought not to visit their unsafe website.

The development team spent the following weeks engineering out the problems and we got the site stable and we started to look at the other sites on their server – the vast majority of them all had some sort of issue with security, malware or urgent updates that were needed.

We fast-forwards on now by 6 months and we’ve just had this feedback from the client:

“Really happy with things at the moment your guys are helpful and get most things resolved quickly.

“Im glad the sites are now much more stable and touch wood the attacks seem to be less effective now also.”

BINGO – job done, another happy client – however, I do have to admit I disagree with one point – touching wood.   It’s not left to chance for this to happen again – each site has a pro-active security schedule that we implement month on month for the client to stop security breaches in the future.

We do this for dozens of websites every month.   This pro-active support starts with the health of your servers; the health of your websites; and the health of the plug-ins you use.   Some of our clients have their sites designed, built and hosted with us whereas others just have their websites maintained.

Get your free website security check today

If you want to avoid being part of the £34bn problem (source: The Daily Telegraph) of cyber attacks each year in the UK then contact us – we’ll give you a free website security check, and an estimate of the work involved each month in keeping you safe and secure.