Courageous and Department for International Trade team up to get Britain exporting

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In December we were really excited to run the first of a series of Workshops with the Department for International Trade North West aimed at helping businesses export for the first time.

The first half-day workshop took place at Workplace at Churchgate House in Manchester, home of the Manchester Growth Company and 20 businesses attended to learn more about how to use marketplaces such as ebay and Amazon to open their businesses up to new customers overseas.

The topics we covered included:

  • The common threads when starting to grow your sales internationally

  • Getting started with selling on ebay

  • Getting started with selling on Amazon

  • Setting a good strategy for your future growth

More than just the basics were covered and we looked at some of the common challenges and pitfalls that businesses face when they look to extend their reach outside of the United Kingdom so practical advice was offered included:

  • Selecting the right stock to sell

  • Language and Cultural Considerations

  • Payment, shipping and returns

  • Taxes, duties and currency

  • Customer service

  • Researching price, competition and opportunity

The next eExporting workshop

The next workshop will take place in Liverpool in early February and we have plans to also run the workshop in Cumbria.   If you want us to let you know when dates and venues are announced, email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.   There may be other events near you soon.

To download the slides

If you would like to get a copy of the slides, pop your details in the form below.

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