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An Interview with Nils Zündorf: Amazon Product Launch Strategies

Who is Nils Zündorf?

Nils is an Executive Director of Factor-A, and has been an eCommerce consultant for 10 years. He specialises in the development and scaling of paid advertising measures, in particular focusing on Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Demand Side Platform. Nils also has a Masters degree in Information Science from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Who are Factor-A?

Factor-A (part of Dept) are pioneers in Amazon vendor management. They understand that manufacturers and brands need to position themselves online and in eCommerce in order to stay relevant, and Amazon is the most effective way to do this. Their goal is, therefore, to help manufacturers and brands to increase sales and their market share.

1. What is your number 1 top tip for launching a new product on Amazon?

Be sure to conduct a content relevance analysis which helps you have perfectly optimized content. Next step: Sponsored Advertising. When it comes to product launch, optimal content and driving traffic are key for success. 

2. Is it important to get the number 1 position on Amazon search results? Do people shop on pages 2 and 3?

While it is not absolutely necessary to get position number 1, it is vital for any healthy product to make it to the first search results page. If you find yourself further down the list, it is high time you do something about it.

3. Is FBA always a better option than self-fulfilled?

Indeed it is. Amazon’s famous for their customer-first policy and while the conditions for the producers are not always rosy, Amazon makes sure to get you the buy box more often than not. Furthermore, Amazon Prime is one of the most important decision factors for customers when deciding which product to buy. And to be eligible for Amazon Prime, you have to be part of FBA or very very good in self-fulfilment.  

4. Reviews are very influential on the Amazon platform, but they can be hard to gain. Would you recommend programs like Amazon Vine and the Early Reviewer Program?

Absolutely yes. Amazon Vine program targets premium reviewers and their voices can therefore bear more significance on the product detail page. Early Reviewer Program, on the other hand, helps retailers get reviews on newly launched products. You get charged for each product enrolled in the program, but if you are confident about the quality of your product, you will see a great return on investment. Just make sure that the reviews are over time a mix of Vine/Early Reviewer and organic reviews.

5. How can I research which keywords to use in my product listings?

There are a couple of ways: you can use Amazon’s search bar to give you autosuggestions of the most searched for keywords or you can try and guess them from your more successful competitor’s product detail page. However, neither of these methods give you the certainty that these are the keywords most relevant to your target audience, and I underline the word relevant. To find those out, it is safer to invest in a keyword research tool or have an experienced Amazon agency help you with that.

6. Do you have any tips for winning the coveted buy box?

Join FBA, always have your products in stock, deliver on time, fill your purchase orders, get your pricing strategy under control and keep your general operations in order.

On March 13th Nils will be joining us at Amafest, the UKs only Amazon-dedicated conference. Tickets are priced at £50 and they’re selling fast, so if you’re interested in attending don’t leave it too late to purchase your ticket!

Alternatively, if you’re about to launch a new product on Amazon but would prefer to leave it to the experts, get in touch with us! We have years of experience working with Amazon and have a tried and tested method which guarantees results.