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Courageous to change the way we work – forever!

During the lockdown we’ve enjoyed spending more time at home and swapping the commute for more time with our families.   We’ve also found more time in our working week through not having to travel for meetings and through Zoom have met our clients more regularly “face to face” than we ever have done.   In some respects, lockdown has been a positive experience for us.

Because of that, we’re going to change the way we work forever.   We’re not going to be making a full-time return to our office in the Northern Quarter – no matter how much we do love it!    In the future we’ll be delivering web design and our other services in a number of locations.

We are going to work from home at least two days a week, and for the rest of the week co-work from a workspace in Manchester, as well as in Oldham.    As many of you will know, we’ve got a lot of clients in the Oldham area, with other business commitments in the town it makes more sense to spend a little time in my hometown.

The past two months have proven none of these things will hinder the way we work – if anything it will enrich it.  I certainly won’t be abandoning Manchester – the Northern Quarter is a special place to me and always has, and it’s important to the team too.

We’ll still have a great place to meet clients at a location that is more convenient for them.

Whilst we do have the office, we will certainly continue to use it – though it is officially now on the market to rent if anyone is interested.

I’d like to thank our landlords for being really supportive with this too, they have been great with us all the time we’ve been with them.