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  • Date

    August 27, 2021

  • Client

    Glen Isla Cashmere

  • Skills

    Shopify, Website Design, UX


Glen Isla have been a customer for a number of years, and after running a Magento website, they asked us if we could work to move them to an easier to manage platform, that could be managed by their in-house team.  Glen Isla have over 200 years manufacturing experience and weave their own cashmere.   They have environment and animal friendly ethics, support the five freedoms by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Magneto was too clunky for Glen Isla and we recommended that they implement Shopify which is easier to use and less ongoing maintenance overheads.

This was the right choice for the business, and the new website will help encourage more sales and puts Glen Isla in full control of their website.

Glen Isla

Glen Isla was running on a Magento site, and for the number of products we have we just knew that it wasn’t the right fit for the business.  We spoke to Courageous who suggested Shopify would be a perfect match.

We have got the new site up and running quickly and Courageous helped out from getting everything set up through to importing our products.

We’re really happy with the new site, and we had our first order shortly after the site went live!

Jacob Twomey