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Great night… but did Darren win a MYTA?

So the big night came round last night, and I got to find out if I’d edged past three other nominees to win the ‘Digital, Media or Creative Professional of the Year award.

For those of you that don’t know, the MYTAs are organised by JCI Manchester – it’s a network for young professionals (yes, I am still eligible to be called that!!) and supports personal development.   The award is judged by a panel and described as:

An award to recognise the best young Digital, Media or Creative professional. The individual will need to demonstrate how they are technically and commercially the best digital, media or creative professional within the region.

To get on the list of four finalists is an achievement in itself and I’m immensely proud of that!

But… did I win I hear you cry… nah, not a chance!    The award was picked up by Dan Nolan from the Eword – he’s the guy who if I was on the panel I’d probably pick too… so no sour grapes and I didn’t kick the table over in fury!

Here’s to next year… I’ve got 3 more years of being classed as young, so I’ll be entering it again to cling on to my youth!!

Well done to all the winners, and commiserations to those that were great too but we just didn’t quite make it this time round!