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Amafest 2019: An Interview with Prabhat Shah

After the success of our event last May, our conference in collaboration with Online Seller UK is back! This year on 17th October we will be taking to the stage at UKFast to talk all things Amazon. We’ll be joined by a variety of experts who will be sharing their success stories and providing helpful insight into the world of Amazon.

Last week we interviewed the event organiser, Prabhat Shah about what we can expect from Amafest UK. Read on to find out!

1. How can people get a ticket?

PS: Tickets are available online from Registration is really easy and tickets cost £50! Plus, free lunch and refreshments will be provided.

2. How does this years event compare to last years?

PS: Last year was all about selling online and marketplaces in general. This year, we’ve honed that in and are focusing solely on Amazon. The tech-giant currently controls around one half of the online retail market and over 1.7 million sellers have products listed for sale. It’s a great opportunity for anyone wanting to sell online or expand their presence into new marketplaces.

3. Is Amafest just for people who are already selling products on Amazon?

PS: No, Amafest is open for everyone. We’ll be covering a variety of topics so it will be beneficial for anyone with an interest in Amazon, those who want to start selling on Amazon and established Amazon sellers. People can expect to gain real insight from a range of speakers who are experts in their fields.  

4. What speakers have you got lined up and how have you selected speakers?

PS: A list of speakers is available on the website at All speakers are invited because they are experts in their area and have a lot of experience. We have people who are working for start-up Amazon businesses all the way to global enterprises like Amazon Sellers Lawyer. The Amazon marketplace is huge so we will be able to learn something from all the speakers.

5. What will be the format of the event?

PS: Each talk will be 25 minutes long with some time allocated at the end for questions. There will also be 3 panel discussions covering cross-border eCommerce, building an Amazon private label brand and SEO for Amazon products.

6. Are you still looking for event sponsors?

PS: Yes, we have limited availability for sponsors. 

7. What can people expect from Amafest in terms of the benefits of attending?

PS: Attendees can expect to obtain practical information that they will be able to implement on their own Amazon stores. Many of the speakers will be talking about their success stories so people can expect to leave the event feeling inspired. There will be time allocated to have face-to-face conversations with industry experts and other attendees which will be a good opportunity to expand your network and ask any questions.

8. What kind of people are likely to attend?

PS: Registration is open to everyone so there will be a range of people there. We expect there to be Amazon experts, people who sell online on other marketplaces and eCommerce industry experts.

9. What have you changed and improved since last years event?

PS: Since last year we have introduced more panel discussions after establishing that our audience found these most engaging. This year we have sourced speakers who have real expertise in the Amazon and not people who are simply here to sell their services.

Have you claimed your ticket yet? It would be good to see some friendly faces there!