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Amafest October 2019: A Chat With Our Speakers

For the last 5 years we’ve been running annual conferences in partnership Prabhat Shah from Online Seller UK. This years conference back in May surpassed all of our expectations and the response we received was wonderful. In light of this we decided to bring Amafest back sooner than expected… this October! Amafest is returning to the UKFast Campus on Thursday 17th October. Early bird tickets are now sold out and standard tickets are selling fast – to claim yours click here!

We’ll be joined by some of the industry key players, who will be sharing valuable insights and actionable tips that are intended to help your business grow. If you (somehow) arent convinced yet, keep reading as we’ve conducted a series of mini-interviews with our keynote speakers to get a better idea of what to expect on the day.

David Garcia Ruiz – Trust Your Brand

What can people expect to take away from your talk at Amafest 2019?

We’ll discuss how to expand to international markets. From what are the differences between the UK and the USA to import regulations in Japan or why language matters when selling in different countries in Europe.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background – what experience do you have working with Amazon?

I run Trust Your Brand, a translation business that help customers overcome language barriers. Me and my team of translators have provided translation services for Amazon sellers since 2014.

Speaking the same language as your customers will increase buyer confidence, and consequently your chances of successfully reaching new audiences.

You may be interested to hear that more than 70% of people say that, when making an online purchase, having the information in their own language is more important than a low price.

What’s your top tip for Amazon listing optimisation?

If your titles and descriptions do not include the keywords that Amazon users type in the search field, Amazon will not deliver your results, and nobody will find your products.

Don’t just assume that you can use the same keyword research for each geographic area, country, and language. Businesses often attempt to just translate their keywords, or even worse they input their keywords into Google Translate, and use the results that come out for their multilingual SEO.

You may know that there are huge differences in vocabulary among people in different regions who speak the same language. Of course, you can’t target every variation, but the UK and U.S may be different and sizable enough to consider targeting separately.

The first thing you need to consider when selling to customers in languages other than English, is that the keywords they use in the search field are likely to be different.

You’re the Director of Trust Your Brand, a professional translation service for Amazon. What is the benefit of using a professional translator rather than using a free tool like Google Translate?

Machine translation is not able to take into consideration all the subtleties and nuances that languages have when put into practice. Even if technology is improving the quality of computer generated translation, we still find auto-translated nonsense online.

Only professional human translators can provide meaningful translations and incorporate relevant keywords for the target country.

Lastly, if an online shopper compares two different listings, and one contains spelling mistakes or sounds machine translated, it is likely that he or she will buy the item from the listing he or she feels that can be trusted.

What is the benefit of translating listings to Spanish?

You need to speak to your international customers in their language. If a specific overseas marketplace (whether it is Spain, Germany, France or Italy) suits your product, it is always key to translate your listings.

Anna Davidson Thawe – Import2FBA

What can people expect to take away from your talk at Amafest?

The Panel will sharing their tips and tricks on how to build a proper Private label business. From reinvesting and knowing your numbers to building big brands within the Amazon platform.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background – what experience do you have working with Amazon?

I have been a third party seller since 2012, I have products in the Beauty category, Home & Kitchen, Baby and more recently building an Eco Friendly Brand. I also sell off Amazon through my own eCommerce stores. I sell on Amazon US & Europe and am just launching products within the Australian Market. I also coach students on how to import products from China and sell on Amazon sharing the exact same strategies that have enabled me to earn a full time income and work around my 2 small boys.

What’s your top tip for Amazon listing optimisation?

As well as all the standard things Product Title, Key product features, Knowing your winning keywords, Reviews etc for me it has to be your images. I see so many people using the images they get from their supplier and premium images have helped me maximise the sales. Use a professional photographer and a designer to get these done, stand out and do more than the competition

What’s the main benefit of using FBA over FBM?

Ranking Amazon prioritise FBA listings over FBM as well as the obvious of course, as you don’t need to worry about fulfillment.

Websites like eBay and Shopify are starting to roll out fulfilment services that rival FBA, do you think Amazon is in trouble?

I think it’s great for us third party sellers, but from my experience using other fulfillment services out there Amazon provides the best and it will be hard to beat so they have some very tough competition to compete with Amazon’s mean machine!