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COVID-19 – Business as unusual

Lots of businesses are updating their customers with their response to how they are dealing with the situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak – we actually had a team discussion on this yesterday about what we felt was best for ourselves, families and community.

Given the encouragement last night on remote working, we felt it only fair to update everyone on how we’re dealing with things at Digitl.

Working environment

We decided yesterday morning (March 16th) that it would be our last day in the office.   For me this is a welcome move as for those of you that commute in from Oldham will know the journey is fraught with roadworks.

Furthermore a lot of the team use public transport, and this move will reduce the risk of contracting the virus – and if our team have a reduced risk of contracting the virus – great.

Undertaking Work

Most of the team for some time now have worked from home for at least one day per week – so increasing this to a full-time arrangement will cause us little disruption.

We all have good internet connections, an area at home suitable for work and we don’t have any special equipment for the work we do – so nothing in this respect will be affected.


We have used Slack for our internal communications since the very early days of the software.   Our clients will already know we use Asana for managing projects and Freshdesk to manage any smaller jobs and support enquiries.

Client meetings will continue on Zoom and if needed the team will meet via video call on Zoom too – we use CircleLoop for our calls, so calls to and from the office certainly aren’t a problem.

Our Health

We are aware of social isolation at this time – it can have a huge impact on mental health – so talking amongst the team and with our friends and families is more than encouraged at this time.

I will also be replacing my lunch-time walk with at least a 30 minute walk in Royton where I live, and I am encouraging the team to get a similar period of daily exercise – keeping in mind the guidance on social distancing.

Support for one another

This is not an easy time for so many individuals and businesses – if there is anything we can do to help, please get in touch.  My email address is [email protected].