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Courageous working with Lifesaver to increase Amazon sales

LifeSaver manufactures a range water purifiers that remove 99.99% of protozoa, bacteria and virus. The products allow users to turn questionable bottled or dirty water from rivers, lakes and puddles into safe, drinkable water instantly. The range is used by backpackers, trekkers, hikers and campers as well as humanitarian organisations working across the globe in areas without access to clean drinking water, from natural disasters to war zones.

Courageous will be working with the brand on its European Amazon account; this involves listing optimisation and design activities as well as handling pay per click management our founder Darren said:

LifeSaver is a truly inspirational British business that is helping millions of people around the world, so we are delighted and proud to be working with them on an ongoing basis. Our focus will be on growing the brand’s profile further and helping to drive its online sales – both directly and via Amazon in Europe.

LifeSaver was created in 2007 by British inventor Michael Pritchard who set out to create a portable water filtration device capable of providing a sustainable source of safe drinking water. The inaugural product was the world’s first portable water filter bottle that was capable of removing the smallest known waterborne viruses.

Its extensive range now includes bottles and jerrycans as well as the LifeSaver Cube which was designed with Oxfam to be the perfect disaster response solution, providing safe water to communities who have lost their infrastructure. It also manufactures emergency preparedness water filter products and large-scale water purifiers.

The British Army has used the LifeSaver bottle since 2010 as their portable water filtration solution for personnel operating deeper in the field, beyond regular base supplies.

Wes, the marketing manager at Lifesaver is excited to be working with us and added:

From the very first meeting we had, it was obvious that Courageous really understood our mission and what we want to achieve, so we are excited to be working with them and we look forward to seeing how the relationship rolls out and adds value.