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AmafestUK 2022 | Department for International Trade Partner Interview

AmafestUK is a week away.

As we plan the finishing touches, we interviewed our partner, The Department for International Trade. We wanted to find out who they are, what they do, and why they sponsor AmafestUK.

If you run a business that exports internationally or plan to do so, be sure to carry on reading – you’ll learn actionable insights and strategies for operating a business.

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1. What is the DIT and what do you do?

Answer: The Department for International Trade help businesses to trade overseas and sell their goods and services into overseas markets. Our remit is to assist businesses to export and to provide support, guidance, and advice to make their international trade aspirations successful as possible.

Whether the businesses are new to exporting or experienced in selling overseas, the DIT can offer a wide range of services and support to assist along every leg of their exporting journey.

The DIT’s services are almost entirely free, fully funded, independent, and impartial. If you were to go privately to get this level of international export advise, it would cost you decent sums.

2. How does the DIT help Amazon sellers.

Answer: Primarily, the DIT’s international Trade Advisers can advise in the fundamental areas of exporting, in terms of getting goods out of the UK and into overseas territories.

Regardless of whether you’re selling across Amazon or direct from your own websites, there will be core obligations around tax, duties, customers declarations, and certifications required to get products across borders seamlessly, and this is vital for businesses and an area in which plenty need guidance.

If you fall short in any of these areas, you will not be able to ship stock, you won’t be able to fulfil orders and you won’t make any money. In addition to this, our advisers have experience in assisting with Amazon strategies to increase brand and product awareness to increase visibility and sales, including across areas such as brand registry, optimised listings, paid search and ads, A+ content, and all the rest of the marketing tools required to maximise sales potential.

3) Why does the DIT sponsor AmafestUK?

Answer: The DIT want to engage with as many businesses as possible who currently export or have intentions too. Clearly a great route to market is via Amazon and other e-marketplaces, and AmafestUK is a fantastic event and congregation of businesses who use the platform to sell successfully both domestically and abroad. The DIT wanted to be involved with AmafestUK to interact with these companies and signpost our support and services.

4) Are there any latest Amazon trends you would like to talk about?

Answer: Ecommerce is the fastest growing area of international trade, and the digital scene is constantly evolving so there will always be new trends both sellers and the DIT need to be aware of and understand.

From being on the ground and dealing with Amazon sellers who trade abroad, the most common enquiries are around changes required following the end of the Brexit transition period as of 1st January 2021. We’re well versed in protocols and practices, and these are imperative to get right if you’re looking to trade beyond the UK.

5. What is the DIT’s call-to-action?

Answer: The DIT and its network of specialist advisers based in the UK and in over 100 countries globally are international trade experts. The service is free and we can offer a level of expertise that has helped thousands of businesses increase exports. There are no downsides to using the DIT, having the DIT in your corner and using us as a consultancy for your business. If you’ve never had contact with the DIT before, drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange an initial chat with one of our trade advisers to talk further.

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A big thank you to The Department for International Trade for this interview. I gained some valuable insights into their skills, knowledge, and services.

For more insights and actionable tips, come to AmafestUK and speak to them at their sponsor stand.