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Nightlark (USA)

A new venture to help launch the Nightlark brand in the United States and introduce them to the coverless comforter… a duvet to us Brits!

  • Strategy


  • Design

    UX, Mobile

  • Client

    Fine Bedding Company

Open Project
01 // Project Overview

Introducing the United States to the comfort of comforters

Night Lark comes from a rich heritage of sleep innovation since 1912 from the Fine Bedding Company. The Night Lark All-In-One Duvet to the US was previously known as Night Owl in the UK.

This coverless duvet, distinct for its ease of care with washable hypoallergenic Smartfil® fibers is a unique product and as the US do not traditionally have duvets (they have comforters) the site needs to educate a new audience.

02 // Outcomes

Launching a new brand and concept to the United States

With stock being sent to the US and distributed from the midwest, logistics in the US is additionally tricky so for the initial launch stock was fulfilled by Amazon.

The new site is being established and being such a different product to the market, it will take time for the US audience to be educated.

That said, we worked closely with the brand and marketing agencies that support Fine Bedding Company and Night Lark to produce a great site that is true to brand.


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