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Five quick tips to boost your ebay sales

We’ve just been asked by a client how we can help them boost ebay sales with any tips or tricks.    We get asked this a lot, and often a new ebay store design that is responsive and meets ‘best practice’ is part of what we do.

However, this store does have a fantastically well built storefront (I’ll let you guess who did that, but it won’t take you too long) so we took a look at their store.   The following five things are what I have suggested they do… and I thought that I’d share the information as it will boost ebay sales for virtually ANY ebay store.

Here are our 5 tips to boost ebay sales

  1. Pricing – how are you comparing to your competitors?  It’s a tough market and can make a big difference.
  2. Promoted Listings – these can be a good tool to give sales an extra push – have you tried this?   If something doesn’t sell in the first seven days of listing, it can be really tough to get traction for the products.
  3. Mix pricing Try listing items at reduced prices (sale) or even Auction to get some traction on the store.  You can always try changing the way your postage works too.
  4. Promotional Manager – ANOTHER way for ebay to get some money from you, but some clients have had good results with it.
  5. External campaigns – Facebook Ads in particular can work for you… but given the higher cost of acquisition on ebay, if you have an ecommerce website, you would probably want to invest in advertising for your site.

That’s it – very simple things and if you want to know any more about them just let us know  – we’d be happy to share our thoughts on the subject.   If you’re looking to brush up your skills we can also help with one of our ebay Masterclasses.