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Top 5 WordPress plugins for any business

We’re going to share a little secret with you – when we are doing a WordPress website design, there are five plug-ins we always install.   They ensure that a site runs quickly, smoothly and reduces the chances of any attacks or security compromises.

We asked Javed to run through our Top 5 WordPress plugins – they are easy to install, and if you need any help, you know where we are – just give us a call.

Wordfence Security

Security of you’re website is imperative, whether it’s a standard or eCommerce website. With WordPress being the most popular and worldwide used CMS it without doubt attracts a variety of online attacks.

The most downloaded WordPress security Plugin for WordPress is a must have, it protects you from BOTs attacking you’re website, it also notifies you of file changes, who’s logged in to you’re website. For peace of mind, get this plugin installed here.

SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast is the number one SEO plugin for WordPress. This allows you to optimise you’re website with the assistance of real time page analysis, so regardless of you’re knowledge on SEO this plugin is for beginners onwards. A basic understanding of SEO can go a long way in getting your site picked up by search engines. Full features of the ‘free’ version of the plugin can be found here:

Backup WordPress

There’s nothing worse than losing your website. At some point we would have experienced a problem where a backup of the site & database is required. It could be that you’ve updated a WordPress site to the latest version but it’s gone wrong and need to restore the site. Panic over! Backup WordPress is what you need, this will allow you to back your entire website up including the database. What’s more awesome is that you can even schedule when the backups should run. This plugin is a lifesaver.

Contact Form 7

Just another contact form plugin, probably the best one out there, just for it’s ease of setup & configuration. Whether your an amateur or professional, this plugin can be used by anyone. It really is that simple! It is also recommended you install the add-on plugin Google Re-CAPTCHA to reduce the risk of spam messages being submitted, we all hate spam emails. Get this plugin installed.

WP Super Cache

We all want our sites to load quickly, WP Super Cache will do this for you, it generates static HTML from each dynamic page, so when a user re-visits the website it’ll serve the page from the cache making the pages load very fast. Within a few clicks you can serve fast pages to your viewers. Over 1 millions downloads just shows how popular & recommended this plugin is.

And that’s it – we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our Top 5 WordPress plugins – they will help make life a lot easier!