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AmafestUK 2022 | 3rd Speaker Showcase

It’s our 3rd Speaker Showcase already!

If you haven’t heard, AmafestUK returns on 11th March 2022. In the run-up to the event, we are showcasing our expert speakers and their topics.

If you are operating an Amazon business or just interested in starting one, AmafestUK is an unmissable event.

AmafestUK features expert speakers and networking events for Vendor Central and Seller Central users.

Gain insights into the ecommerce world, learn new marketing strategies, and grow your online business.

AmafestUK speakers and topics

AmafestUK 2022 features 20 speakers from a variety of professions and successful businesses.


  • Andy Hooper
  • Ben Leonard
  • Chris Buckley
  • Christopher Ball
  • Darren Ratcliffe
  • Huw Johnstone
  • James Prewitt
  • James Wakefield
  • Jesse Wragg
  • Lorna Lever
  • Mark James
  • Nicholas Brown
  • Nish Udayakumar
  • Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan
  • Steven Berke
  • Susan Roe
  • Vitalii Khyzhniak

A new week means a new speaker showcase. Let’s take a closer look at three of our speakers and their topics.

Andy Hooper – How to expand your ecommerce business to new markets and double your sales

Andy Hooper is enthusiastic and energetic. He is a Petty Officer for the Sea Cadet Corps, of which he’s been a part for over 30 years, and enjoys sailing, cycling, and kayaking around Southern England.

Andy is the CEO of Global E-commerce Experts, an international consultancy that has helped thousands of sellers expand into Europe.

Andy’s AmafestUK session will show you how to reach new markets and customers using his tried and tested blueprint for ecommerce expansion.

Ben Leonard – How to make your ecommerce business sellable and valuable

Ben Leonard studied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen. Some of his ecological pursuits include volunteer squirrel surveying, coral reef conservation, and dolphin population monitoring.

Ben achieved what he calls the business holy grail; He founded a sports brand called Beast Gear, scaled it into an international 7-figure business, and sold it after three years.

Now he’s helping others do the same!

Ben felt that the brokerage he used to sell Beast Gear didn’t prepare him for the process. So, noticing a gap in the market, he co-founded his own.

Now, Ecom Brokers help clients sell their ecommerce business simply, fairly, and clearly.

Ben’s AmafestUK session will help you identify what makes an ecommerce business sellable and valuable. He wants you to understand when and why you should consider selling and what your business is really worth.

Dr Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan – Timely risks to grow your online business

Dr Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan has a strong academic background.

Pradeep earned his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Medicine from the University of Oxford and subsequently trained as a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. He obtained international training fellowships in the USA, France, and Israel. He also led an independent research lab in China specialising in immunology and autoimmune diseases.

Pradeep has transitioned his career from medical research to ecommerce. He was the Vice President of Business Development at GemPharmatech. Now he is the CEO of Donsfield, an international business and trade development firm.

Pradeep’s AmafestUK session will cover risk awareness and management strategies. He will draw on his experience with career transition and the risks he faced. He will also highlight common growth and risk management problems Amazon sellers face and how to overcome them.

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If you enjoyed our 3rd speaker showcase, wait until you see them in person.

Buy your AmafestUK ticket before places run out. Head over to the official AmafestUK website or contact us for more information.